• Style: WaterWave
  • Bundles Count: 3 per bundle deal
  • Length(s) available: 10 - 30 inches
  • Weight per bundle: 3.5oz / 100 grams
  • Material Grade: 8A
  • Color Type: 1B (Natural Black) or 4 (Natural Brown)
  • Wefts: Machine Double Stitched
  • Advantages:  Soft, No Matting or Tangling with minimal shedding with proper care

Malaysian Water Wave - 3 Bundle Set

  • Malaysian Virgin Hair


    • The second most sought after hair in the market as very popular among celebrities.
    • Moves and flows freely with cuticle intact from donor in its original state.
    • Texture(s) are very soft and smooth and holds curls very well without use of products.
    • Naturally sleek and straight with a slight wave but can be curled, waved and/or styled.
    • Excellent for people with African American ancestry to achieve more natural look with relaxed hair.
  • This texture shown above has natural looking waves, giving one a more natural look to your protective styling. The natural wavy texture is soft with a slight natural wave pattern that can be flat-ironed fine straight and it holds its curl as well. The water wave is very versatile and can be worn wavy, curly or straightened with a flat iron.