Story: Kreyòl Essence (KE) brings natural hair, skin, and body products from Haiti to the world. Our eco-friendly formulations are made from pure and botanical ingredients with a special focus on dry hair and skin.


Product Philosphy:Our traditional formulations consist of plantbased oils, herbs, and butters rich in moisture, efficacy, and history. We promise no fillers, no parabens, no sulfates, no synthetic dyes and no silicones.


Purity Pledge: Kreyól Essence promises to provide you with the purest and most authentic Black Castor Oil, handcrafted from our farm in Haiti. We roast and gently crush the castor seeds, hand extract the oil and screen filter without refining. This ensures the retention of up to 90% Ricinoleic acid, delivering the oil’s intense healing and moisturizing properties. No other oil has this composition.


Ingredients:  Ricinus Communis (Haitian Castor Seed) Oil

Haitian Black Caster Oil

  • Haitian Black Castor Oil is extracted using a traditional handmade method that retains up to 90% of its natural fatty acids including ricinoleic and oleic acid, giving the oil its strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. No other oil has this composition. These curative benefits promotes thick and shiny hair, controls frizz and seal ends. Our intense moisturizing oil is loaded with Vitamin E and also helps to nourish the skin, soothe muscle aches and fade stretch marks. Use alone or with other oil and butter blends.