Our Kandy Koils Collection is the best hair texture for our 3b/3c curly girls. It blends well with your natural hair texture or if you prefer a full sew in weaves, it looks believable as if its your own. The bundles are approx 4oz and you will need at least 2 bundles for a full/partial head weave or full/partial head wig.
- Similar to a curly girl with a 3b/3c texture, the hair loves water and moisture - this hair becomes big and voluminous in humid weather and does not lay flat. The hair can be blow-dried and flat ironed and will revert back to curls once wet.
- The maximum amount of time to wear installation is approx. 5-6 weeks, which is the longest amount of time a protective style should be worn, any longer can cause damage to your hair and edges so you can give your hair a break for at least a month.
Please do NOT over-manipulate this hair as it only requires water as moisturizer and proper care to at least last one year and to be reusable. We strongly encourage healthy and effective protective styling practices.

Kandy Koils - 2 Bundle Set

  • - What kind of hair is it? What hair texture will match my own? 

    Our hair is 100% virgin kinky human hair that will match perfectly with 3b-4c hair textures.  Our Koils collection is for 3b textured curlies. Our Kurls collection is for our 3c/4a textured curlies and our Kinks collection is for the 4b/4c  textured curly. 


    -  Can the hair be dyed? Can I make it into a wig? 

    Yes! The hair can be dyed or bleached to match any hair color.  Yes! You can use the hair to make it into a wig. Some curlies prefer wigs instead of sew-ins and that is quite all right with us too. 


    - How do I keep the hair soft and moisturized? 

    Each collection comes with directions to help you keep the hair soft and moisturized. We believe in helping you maintain your investment. 


    - Can I blow dry and flat iron it straight?  How long will the hair last? 

    Yes the hair can be blow dryed or flat ironed straight but why would you? Enjoy being a curly girl!  The bigger the hair the better! 

    The hair will last as long as you maintain it and store it in the reusable box provided when it is not in use. 


    - How much hair do I need for a full head weave?  for a partial weave?  to make a wig?

    The real question you should be asking is how big do you want the hair? For a full head weave, you will need at least 2 bundles for weaving extensions.  If you order hair more than or equal to 16 inches in length in the Kandy Kurls or Kandy Koils collection you may need three bundles. For a partial weave, most curlies need only one to two bundles of hair, and to make a wig depending on the type it will also correspond with whether you are making a full wig or a partial wig.