• Style: BodyWave
  • Bundles Count: 3 per bundle deal
  • Length(s) available: 10 - 30 inches
  • Weight per bundle: 3.5oz / 100 grams
  • Material Grade: 8A
  • Color Type: 1B (Natural Black) or 4 (Natural Brown)
  • Wefts: Machine Double Stitched
  • Advantages:  Soft, No Matting or Tangling with minimal shedding with proper care

Indian Body Wave - 3 Bundle Set

Length/Obsessions in Inches
    • The truly most versatile, exceptional hair on the readily available on the market.
    • Full, but light and bouncy with cuticle intact from donor in its original state. 

    • Comes in its natural colors of dark brown or black but dark colors can be dyed to lighter shades just as you would color any human hair.

    • Naturally silky soft with subtle waves but can easily be curled, waved and/or styled.

    • Able to match any hair texture and will not lose its luster.

  • This texture is silky soft large S shaped curl pattern that is more obvious towards ends of the hair. The body wave can be flat ironed and curled straight but will return to its original texture once wet/washed and conditioned so basically this style is very popular for its versatility. (You can achieve the look below with body wave texture with Hair Kandy)

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